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Covid-19 Precautionary Details


To Our Valued Customers

The health and safety of our passengers, p and employees is our top priority. Motorcoach Consulting International has taken a number of precautionary measures to provide protection for customers and staff.

As Per the National Limousine Association, recommends that all operators take the following steps:

· Conduct a thorough cleaning of vehicle interior surfaces with Clorox or bleach-based disinfectant wipes after each ride

· Remove all printed and reading materials from seat-back pockets

· Cease offering any refreshments (i.e., candy, mints, water, etc.) that are not individually packaged or sealed, unless specifically      requested by the client, and immediately remove using a paper towel or gloves such refreshments after the ride is completed

· Limit all physical contact or materials sharing between chauffeurs and clients where possible

· Clean and disinfect all office, dispatch and working areas daily

· Encourage all staff to see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell and do not allow sick employees to report for work

Taking these precautions and others will help maintain the healthiest and safest environment possible for clients and our employees.

We wish you the best of health and look forward to serving you again soon!

Motorcoach Consulting International

Welcome to MotorCoach Consulting International


MotorCoach Consulting Inc. is one of the most referred Bus Companies in the Atlanta Area. With 13 years of experience between the owners, MotorCoach Consulting Inc. continues to keep safety as the #1 priority and thrive on customer service.

We take pride in servicing each and every customer to accommodate their request and to make it a seamless experience. We offer affordable rates, whether it is local or out of state transportation. We do background checks on all of our drivers, make sure they have clean driving records and are put through an extensive training course.

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Covid Safety Cleaning

Need custom logistic service? We got it covered. From overland, air, rail and sea transportation. Fast, safe and accurate shipment provided all over the globe.

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WI-FI Enabled

Wi-Fi is available upon request.


We cover different industry sectors, from food and beverage, entertainment, durable goods and more. Check out some of our transportation features.

                       Luggage Space

                       TV Monitors

                       Seat Belts

                       DVD & CD Player

                       Luxury Seating

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