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Atlanta's Premier Logistics Company


MotorCoach Consulting, Inc. is preferred transportation solution in Atlanta and the Southeastern United States. With 13 years of experience between the owners, MotorCoach Consulting Inc. continues to keep safety as the #1 priority and thrive on customer service.

We take pride in servicing each and every customer to accommodate their request and to make the transportation a seamless experience. We offer affordable rates, whether it is local or out of state. We administer drug and background checks on all of our drivers. Our extensive safety and ongoing training program ensures D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) compliance.

MotorCoach Consulting, Inc. is the answer to your transportation needs. Whether your needs consist of only one 24 passenger mini bus or 200 coaches for a multi-day convention hotel shuttle, we are your solution. Motorcoach has supplied our vehicles for some of the largest and high profile transportation efforts in the United States. Such as, The Superbowl, Republican National Convention, Presidential Inauguration, Kentucky Derby, The Masters and much more.

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Our Core Values


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Always Learning

Latest Technology

Safety & Quality

Care of Environment

Invest in employee training and education in the logistics and transportation industry.

MCI utilizes the latest technology in our industry. All vehicles are equipped with GPS (global positioning systems) with monitored harsh driving notifications, Nationwide digital 2-way radio systems, on board interior, driver, and road cams, with instant dispatch notification.

Safety is high priority with MCI. Safety, and training sessions are conducted on the quarterly bases. Driver records, background checks, random drug and alcohol screenings and clearing house certifications, are all conducted and maintained according to DOT, FMCSA regulation policy and procedures.

MCI operates a modern fleet of (Certified Clean Idle) vehicles, which are very low emissions. Our low emissions inventory is certified green, removing hundreds of cars from the roadways, helping to retain and save our environment.

We are Excellence in Transportation!

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

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